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Swing Bubbles

Swing Bubbles

NRs. 5000/-

  • Swing Bubbles is a balance toy, simulating bubbles floating in a swinging wave.
  • The walnut and hinoki bubbles are unique in weight and size.
  • It is surprisingly difficult to stack all the bubbles. Even adults will have to concentrate hard to do so.
  • When the wave nears completion, the next step is to put the last bubble in place with just one hand. You can also use the included die to make rules on stacking, such as what size bubble to stack, or how many.
  • Swing Bubbles can be stored and transported by using the included cotton storage bag.
  • Even adults find it difficult to put the bubbles on the fluttering wave.
  • For a thrilling game, you can roll the dice for the number of waves to play.
  • The more waves, the more difficult it is!
  • Swing Bubbles comes with a stylish cotton bag that makes the toy a great traveling companion.
  • It can be enjoyed by the entire family!
  • Even adults will be crazy about it!
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